Acne is the most common skin condition that we see in our office. Even though the majority of our patients are in their teens and early twenties, we see and successfully treat patients of all ages with this condition. The cause of acne is multifactorial and is thought to reflect a combination of genetics, diet, environment as well as hormones. There are different types of acne that respond to different treatments. Common types of acne are comedonal (black heads and white heads), inflammatory (red bumps) and hormonal (painful and tender red bumps along the jawline). Understanding the type of acne present is critical in developing the best treatment plan and obtaining the best results. Our well-trained experts can tailor your therapy to maximize your results. Although, acne can be stubborn and persistent, we are confident that we can help you reach your goal of clear skin. At Nash Dermatology, we utilize a variety of treatment options and combinations from topicals to oral therapies including Accutane.

Acne affects self esteem -Even mild acne can cause scarring. Our goal is clear skin and we can deliver.

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